Exploring Architecture Melbourne

View from ANZ Dockland

Melbourne Dockland

Melbourne Monument

Melbourne Monument

Melbourne Monument

Shrine of Rememberance, Melbourne :

“In remembrance of those who served and those who died in the Great War of 1914-1918 and armed conflicts and peacekeeping duties since.

The Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria’s largest and most visited war memorial and is probably Melbourne’s most recognised landmark.

It is a permanent and lasting memorial to the ANZAC spirit which is confirmed by the number of visitors to the Shrine throughout the year and the many people who attend the more than 120 ceremonies that are held at the Shrine annually.

The Shrine is located on Melbourne’s most recognised boulevard, St Kilda Road, just south of the Melbourne central business district.”

More info of this Building : http://www.shrine.org.au/content.asp?Document_ID=1

Melbourne Recital Center

Melbourne Recital Hall

Melbourne Recital Center :

“Melbourne’s Recital Hall will be ranked amongst the world’s great halls for its uncompromised acoustic, architecture and artistic program.” Excerpt from The Recital Hall Brief; December 2003.

Already, in the architectural world, there are explorations into the new music space. Most of these new buildings have been concert halls – a type less restricted than the Recital Hall. Frank Gehry in Los Angeles and Rem Koolhaas in Porto have attempted such reinventions. We too searched for a meaningful architectural response to classical and acoustic music performance in the 21st century.

Surprisingly we began with the shoe-box – the shape that the experts say guarantees/predicts acoustic perfection. Once adopted, the formal issue becomes a non-battle. We escape the desperate attempt to deny the box. Instead, the resolution of the Hall becomes one of the creation of room-ness, a remarkable room of spectacle, surface and sound.

Source : https://www.melbournerecital.com.au/aboutus/the_building



Melbourne Museum

Building in front of the Melbourne Museum

The building in front of Melbourne Museum.It was closed at that time but, still mesmerized me of its details and shadow effects. Pretty good relieve and recess plays on the facade.

Federation Square- Melbourne

Federation Square

Federation Square : Melbourne Meeting Place

The place that i spent most of my time while in Melbourne. “Fed Sq, Fed Sq, n again Fed Sq.”

“Meet at Federation Square. Everyone else does. Ever since this landmark cultural and entertainment destination was opened to the public, Melburnians and visitors have been gathering here. Locals have embraced Fed Square as a true reflection of their city, with rich cultural experiences, a diversity of places to eat and drink, unique shopping and a wealth of information to welcome visitors. Fed Square is where cultures meet, friends meet, minds meet and worlds meet. No wonder all of Melbourne is saying, ‘Meet you at Fed Square!” (quote from Fed Sq website : http://www.fedsquare.com/)


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