Timeless route – Half real space


half real space exploration - phenomenological space

Name: Azizul Hakim Musa
Artifact title: Timeless route – Half Real Space
Artifact description

Timeless route is a ‘half real space’ that could not be measured by numbers like other 3D mental space, but a space that draws interaction. This space constitutes game principles; needs, desire, personal growth and freedom. People perceive the shortest distance of two points as a straight line but straight lines may or may not produce the shortest time of journey. Time would become slower when things move faster. I placed the artefact next to a straight route to bring the user in understanding the notion of space relative to time; a temporal dimension that designers always forget. Phenomenological space classified as abstract space challenges possibilities of operation. It exists by senses and presumption, rather than normally seen and known. By giving value to the rhythmic human movement or body schema, instead of stopping and walking through, of certain arrangement of ergodic settings, it will turn the transitional space into a dynamic living space where people can investigate and challenge them . The player will experience other people’s imagination and hallucination with the self encouragement to explore and is given opportunity in becoming virtuoso, based on human escapist desire. This creation of space by using loose element definitely is a risky proposition with no guaranteed benefits, but as incomplete space, endlessly completed by people who use it.

Timeless route is the starting point of ‘half real space’ exploration, guiding style of my ludic architecture of the future.


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