CLJ02: Parametric Design Workshop

CLJ02: Parametric Design Workshop

ASTA Cluj organizes a parametric design workshop with the aim of designing the actual lounge pavilion of the ZA event in Cluj, Romania. Tutors are Dimitrie Stefanescu and Patrick Bedarf. Organizers are Bogdan Hambasan and Anamaria Androne. Read below for registration and participation information.

The aim of the week long workshop is to produce a working model for the fabrication of the ZA lounge pavilion, which will be placed in Unirii Square, Cluj. The design process will explore different computational techniques which will all work together towards the actual building of the pavilion. The material goal of the workshop is to have a 1:1 working prototype by the end, whilst the final fabrication and assembly will take place before the ZA event.

The software used will be Rhino3d and Grasshopper. Participants are expected to have some experience using the tools mentioned above, though this is not mandatory.

The workshop will take place during the 7th to the 13th of March 2011. If you want to participate, please fill in the form below. Please note that the participation fee is 50 RON/12 EUR for students and 211 RON/50 EUR for graduated individuals, payable to ASTA Cluj at the beginning of the workshop.

For more information please direct your questions to the organizers.


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