Pleated Sukkah

Eva Perez de Vega, Ian Gordon

Pleated Sukkah

Emerging from a flat assembly of honeycomb cardboard panels, no larger than 4 handbreadths, the sukkah structure wraps around itself to create an intimate space open to one side. This area serves as an initial gathering zone prior to entering the enclosed area, which is larger than seven by seven square handbreadths and provides a protected area for meal times. The highest part of the sukkah allows tall people to stand comfortably while the lowest areas at the sides of the structure provide intimate zones for sleeping and relaxing.

As a parametric system of gradually opening hexagonal oculi, the dynamic network of pleated panels directs the gaze from the earth – from which it emerges- up towards the sky beyond the bamboo schach woven through the structure. The louver-like elements are oriented in such a way as to provide relative closure towards the southern exposure thus shading during the day while allowing open views to the starlit skies at night and permeability to rain. No animal testing, food or utensils will be needed to produce this sukkah.

Via Sukkah City


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