About me

Assalamualaikum wbt.
I’m just started building up this blog, where I reckon a good way of sharing knowledge. There’s a saying, ” Sharing is caring” and if you do care about your world and its future, sharing infos might be a good starting point. I am keen in architectural world, be it form, space, history(sometimes)  or even theory or philosophy. Besides, I like to do photography as well.  It is an ‘Easy way of expressing arts’ some people say. What ever people say, do what you love, and share those moments. Please give comments on any article you find interesting. I ll appreciate that.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Iqbal Ryu says:


    Hello. I was wondering if there’s any workshop or courses on generative computer design, parametric architecture, or even grasshopper here in Malaysia? I’ve been passionate about computer generative designs but i can only touch as much as it’s surface.

    Iqbal Ryu

    • azizulhakimmusa says:

      Salam… At the moment, not sure la bro..but last few month UIA ada buat workshop for Rhino/ Topmod. They invited speakers from outside. Maybe, sooner or later they might organize another one. I ll post in my blog if so.

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